AlterNative America in Counterpoint

A Pedagogical Insight into African-, French- and Irish-American Experiences and Expressions 1619-1919

"A very useful piece of work"
Paul Arblaster

L'Américanité/Americanness, as an absolute, eludes mapping, but it still exudes fascination and fantasy. This enquiry, built as a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) course, narrows the impossible scope by singling out three differently born diasporas, in an attempt to foster and hone cultural, literary and international literacy. Lire la suite

L'Américanité/Americanness, as an absolute, eludes mapping, but it still exudes fascination and fantasy. This enquiry, built as a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) course, narrows the impossible scope by singling out three differently born diasporas, in an attempt to foster and hone cultural, literary and international literacy in Higher Education students or independent readers.
Counterpoints: Cultural Immersion weaves together their traumas, trials and dilemmas in a made-up poetic and musical play. Viewpoints: Linguistic Production involves in-class trainees or autonomous learners in thought-provoking activities designed to scaffold literacy and sharpen proficiency. Focal-Points: Essays on Distinctiveness expounds the three groups’ unique legacy within Early America (1619-1919).
How marginalized groups reinvent themselves not only speaks volumes about their vitality, it also lays bare their adoptive country’s workings, which they in turn re-shape.

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Foreword 13
 A. In a Nutshell 13
1. The Niche 13
2. Readership and Relevance 13
3. One of Two Books 14
 B. Statement of Purpose 14
1. The Ultimate Objective: CLIL and CLIL 14
2. What This Project Is – and Is Not 15
3. Research: Elusive Pieces to the Jigsaw Puzzle 16
 C. The Gist 17
1. Legitimacy: Insiders' and Outsiders’ Perspectives 17
2. Americas and Americans: The Delusion of Memory and Monolithism 18
3. A Methodological Note:
Of Theme, Scope, Names, Sources, Referencing and Guidance 21

I. Counterpoints: Cultural Immersion
 A Play of Words and Notes: Recording History 29
Act I. Born of the Ocean: Tragedies as Identity Markers 31
Act II. Whence and Whither? Visions of and for America 67
Act III. In Other Worlds: Near-Lives in the Promised Land 83
For each act
1. Prelude: Framework, Highlights and The Way Forward
2. Asides: Sources and Ear-Openers
3. A Chorus of Voices: On Paper and Onto the Stage
4. Entr’acte: Avenues of Thought

II. Viewpoints: Linguistic Production 115
 Five CLIL Challenges 117
I. Locally AlterNative
Emigration and Exile 117
II. Originally AlterNative: The Anglo-Americans
Building a Society 120
III. Racially AlterNative: The African-Americans
Historic Guilt or Moral Relativism? 123
IV. Ethnically AlterNative: The French-Americans
Pioneers Reclaimed 127
V. Ethnically AlterNative: The Irish-Americans
Fictional Stereotypes or Archetypes? 130

III. Focal-Points: Educational Outreach
 Essays on Distinctiveness: The Birth of Misgenenation 135
1. Anglo-American Prisms
Ideology Is Power: The Psyche of a Proto-Nation 137
2. African-American Experiences
Music Is Language: In the Face of Amazing Disgrace, Dignity 151
3. French-American Experiences
Language Is Presence: Speech over Silence 167
4. Irish-American Experiences
Education Is Key: Women as Guiding Lights 185

IV. Endpoints 201
 A. Epilogue 203
1. Bookends 203
2. Pending Questions 205
3. A Budding Legacy 209
 B. Resources
1. Journeys through Time: 1580-1920 210
2. A Selection of Multimedia References for (Self-)Teaching 226
3. Artists of Note: Concept Albums for Contemporary Ears 235
4. The Annotated Literary and Musical Corpus 237
Acknowledgements 249
Index 251
Credits 25